Yen-j: Thanks Your Greatness

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Yen-j is a "new" artist that I've been a fan of since the beginning of this year. He writes, sings, plays, and arranges all of his songs. That's why his company calls him "完全新人", which pretty much means "The Complete Newbie".

Each song comes with a translated intro from the lyric book that came straight from Yen-j himself. Oh, and please note that I'm not so confident in my translation for the verses of "Lifesaver"....

謝謝你的美好 (Thanks Your Greatness)
By: Yen-j/嚴爵

01. Zhui Xun (Pursuit)
02. Yi Xin Er Yong (Multitasking) [Literally "One Heart, Two Uses", thanks Jennifer~] ^^
03. Xie Xie Ni De Mei Hao (Thanks Your Greatness)
04. Ai Jiu Shi Ka Li (Love Is Curry)
05. Wo Xi Huan...Bu, Wo Ai (I Like...No, I Love)
06. Jiu Ming En Ren (Lifesaver)
07. Xu Yao Dian Shi Jian Chen Dian (Need Some Time To Settle Down)
08. Kun Zai Tai Bei (Trapped In Taipei)
09. Xia Ri Luo Man Shi (Summer Romance)
10. i Gei De Bu Gou (I Didn't Give Enough)
11. Wo Di Ai 438 (My Love 438)

Corrections are always welcome! So if you happen to have a better translation and are willing to share, please go ahead and leave a comment or email me at

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Thanks Your Greatness lyrics translation by XiaoZero


staples said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking for these lyrics everywhere! You've done a fantastic job with the translations. I do have a couple questions, but I'll post them on those pages. Again, I can't thank you enough!

Jennifer said...

I'd say that the literal translation of Yi Xin Er Yong/One Heart Two Uses fits pretty well in English. I feel like multitasking has a different connotation.

Anonymous said...

well done! Great job! I've been looking for his song in pin yin. Thank you!

indira said...

thnak youuuuuuuuuuu!! i've been looking for those translations for so long! thank youuuu!!

miloe88 said...

wow you're good! I grew up in a chinese household (but is born in a diff country lol) and studied in a chinese high school but I still have trouble translating chinese. =)) I do kinda blame myself for taking those classes for granted. I have just recently been practicing my mandarin skills again (after almost 5 years) lol. but still not good enough.

anyway, job well done! ^^ I like how you have translated the lyrics :D

mich said...

thanks much! just a new fan! didn't encounter his music 'till now, but I'm glad I did! ^^