11. Wo Di Ai 438 (My Love 438)

Wednesday, January 5, 2000
Wo Di Ai 438 (My Love 438)
By: Yen-j/嚴爵
Album: Thanks Your Greatness

Translated intro from the lyric book:
"(From LA Jazz Sessions) This is a dynamic jazz song that I jammed out at the LA recording studio together with my good USC friends and a friend I grew up playing music with."

I don't want anyone to know that I'm in love with you

But it's hard to hide my smile

zhe yang sha sha de xiao
Smiling foolishly like this

愛 就讓我們愛到不行 直到
ai, jiu rang wo men ai dao bu xing, zhi dao
Love made us love until it's too much, until

忘我 但不忘妳
wang wo, dan bu wang ni
I forget myself, but I don't forget you

因為要永遠珍惜妳 我的愛
yin wei yao yong yuan zhen xi ni, wo di ai
Because I want to treasure you forever, my love

(repeat all)

Wo Di Ai 438, lyric translation by XiaoZero
Feel free to correct me! ^_^'

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