Angel n Devil [Eng sub - COMPLETE]

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Angel n' Devil

"A group of high school girls is the Copper Dimension's last defense against the dark forces. Every girl had signed a contract with Xiong Ya, a guardian of light, to protect the innocent with their lives in exchange for one wish. When one of their own was killed in school, they must hunt down the demon in human skin before it strikes again. They soon discover that they are not above the influence of evil." [Synopsis from DramaWiki]

Wen Yu Fei 文雨非
A'N'D - Cosmos 林思宇, Lucia 陳盈燕, Ting 劉羽庭, Allie 紀欣妤, Sunnee 楊芸晴
SpeXial - Teddy 向熙, Simon 晨翔, Wes 宏正, Wayne 偉晉, Sam 子閎
Chen De Xiu 陳德修
Na Wei Xun 那維勳

Angel n' Devil began airing on Nov. 22, 2014.
New episodes are released every Saturday and Sunday (2 new episodes a week).


I have sylized softsubs to match the HD raws from AsiaTorrents HERE.

*For best video quality, download the episode instead of watching online.*

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Angel n' Devil, eps 1-26 complete



To be fair, this drama is already being subbed at But I believe the KO series, with all its pop ups, references, and descriptions, works best with stylized hardsubs.

So out of respect to the Viki subbers, I’ve decided to release two episodes at a time at a delay of at least two weeks or so after the original release. If you prefer to stay up-to-date on the drama as it comes out, check out the Viki subs!

It should also be clear that I am creating MY OWN timing and translations for this drama. I won’t be stealing any subbing work from anyone, don’t worry! That also means I’ll probably translate names and weapons and such differently from what's used elsewhere. I hope it won't be too confusing. ^^"


MC Admin said...

Thank you for your hard work!!! ^^
If needed, here is the link to the video -

Thank you!! :3

Flux said...

Is it just me or there is other people who can't watch the Angel n Devil at viki?

I am experiencing the problem "this content is not available in your country".

Anyway goodluck xiaozero. I will support you all the way. XD

Daniel Ahmad said...

You can download 720p file from here

You need to be a member of this site to download though. I'll send you an invite.

Claudia said...

I'm hoping you will translate differently. That's a plus. Thanks so much again for doing this and it's cool that you still want to respect the viki subbers. But really, thank you so much. Looking forward to it!

Flux said...

I really would like to thank you so much for putting so much hardwork/effort for us. I feel like crying right now =D. I will always support you. ALL THE WAY. JIAYOU!

Flux said...

Hey XiaoZero, I would like to wish u a happy new year!!! Goodluck and be happy always. XD. Any new year resolution to share with us? =P

Xiao Zero said...

Happy New Year Flux!! (And everyone!) ^_^

Nah, I don't have any resolutions this year. Not yet anyway. There are a few dramas I'd like to watch, does that count? :P

Flux said...

I guess so =P. Hahahah. Anyway all the best for yr life this year and years to come.

Daniel Ahmad said...

Happy New Year!

Is there any chance we can get a soft sub version again as with X-Dorm?


Xiao Zero said...

I certainly could do that. I have the subs timed to the AsiaTorrents files (that's probably what you want them for, right?), I'd just have to strip some of my fancy formatting & change a couple custom fonts first. I can do it over the weekend. =D

Daniel Ahmad said...

Thanks Eliz,

That'd be really great.

There really is no rush as I've still got a few X-Dorm episodes to watch first!

I need more free time haha!

Xiao Zero said...

Softsubs are ready! I added a link to them in the blog post.

Claudia said...

Thank you! Happy new year! I love your subs! Thanks so much for explaining the puns and word usage. It's really helpful!

Daniel Ahmad said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for the soft subs!

Claudia said...

*bursts out laughing* Hahaha. ANGEL + LINA + JOLIE = ANGELINA JOLIE!!! Never would have caught that without you. Thanks so much for the subs! Wes finally shows up and then Wayne and Xiu. Woot! Hey Zero, I'm curious. How are you liking the show? Are you liking it? What do you think about it? I'm really glad you are subbing it and I hope you are liking it. If not, then thanks a million more because I am treasuring this show. Looking forward to the next eps! Happy new year and thanks again!

Xiao Zero said...

Ha, I really am liking it! And I'm glad you are too. ^^ I'm excited that it has all the classic KO ridiculousness, plus lots of good action.

Daniel Ahmad said...


Without spoilers (because I still haven't started A&D)

What is it like compared to the previous series? Are the characters likeable?

Actually, more importantly.... HOW IS XIU???? DOES HE GET A GOOD PART???? HE'S THE ONLY REASON I WATCH!!!


(If you can't tell, I like Xiu a lot haha)

Claudia said...

LOL. I love Xiu tons, too. He's one of the main reasons I wanted to watch, as well. We're just getting to him. He's the main character of eps 17 and 18. He's a high ranked person of royal blood but I won't tell you which family so as not to spoil it. He starts showing up about ep 15. He has alot of lines and he still plays awesome guitar. The next few eps are all about him and his family I think. He adds a plot twist.

As for the overall show, I think it rocks. It's paced so well, it totally keeps me on the edge of my seat. The funniest interactions are between Xiao Feng and Charlie. And the sweetest between Xiang Ning (Shannon) and Hu Po (Amber). I like that there is no direct difference between good and evil and even good guys can be evil and bad guys good. And it touches on all kinds of philosophical things. From euthanasia to doing something bad to protect those you love, regret, loss, power, temptation, fear, etc. And then the weapons, puns, word play, and wardrobe are hilarious.

It's classic Zhong Ji in that it doesn't take itself seriously. The characters often refer to the script and the audience and then sometimes talk to us directly lol. It's also classic in that it's one hell of a confusing plot line with lots of complicated sub stories woven in. Nothing is what it seems. Just like KO 3anguo. It has a huge cast as well. And they all get pretty good screen time so far.

My favorite character idea is Xiong Ya played by Spexial ' s Teddy. He's the leader of the Bad Girls and his abilities have to do mostly with emotions. Sensing them and working with them. He's an empath. And he's a guy! I love it! Most empathic characters are acted by women. It's the first time I have seen an empath guy. And he's psychometric. Can pick up impressions from objects. And he can heal. He's badass. And Charlie. Omg. I won't spoil him.

Ok. I hope this helps. And I hope it hooks you, too. This show drives me absolutely mad with its cliffhangers and yet I still absolutely love it. Enjoy!

Momo said...

Thank you so much for deciding on subbing this, I was hoping that you were going to choose this one to sub. :)

Daniel Ahmad said...

Hi Claudia,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Apologies for the delayed reply but I've been so busy with work recently.

And yes, since Ko3anGuo, Xiu has been my favourite character (apart from the original cost ofc) so it's great to see he gets a larger role in this. I have to admit I've been a bit disappointed that he hasn't had a large role in the past. I'd watch him on any tv show haha.

Good to hear the show is paced well and plays a lot on the older style of KO series from weapons to philosophy. The fact that you compare it to KO3anguo makes me want to watch it even more and I really hope that it'll be as good as that show was.

I'm a fan of Spexial so will look forward to seeing them but not too clued up on AND so will be interesting to see their acting and stuff.

Thanks again for answering, and thanks to Eliz for continuing to sub the series. Awesome job!

I probably won't get time to watch the series till next month now but It's certainly looking better than the first impressions I got.


Claudia said...

Hey Daniel,

No worries. I'm glad to help and I'm sorry for my delay on this reply, as well. And thank you for replying to me. I wasn't expecting it.

Omg. You like Spexial? Yay! I really like Simon ' s acting in this. His and Wes' s. They both have interesting characters. Their acting is also one of the main reasons I keep watching because AND 's acting is still pretty new.

LOL. I realized after I typed my response to your question that it is really very very biased. I love this show but I do try to not compare it to the other installations. I don't think it's as good as KO3anguo, or as complex but I really don't know because I didn't finish watching KO3. The main thing about KO3 that still doesn't allow me to finish it is the pacing. I feel like alot of episodes are filler and the plot line develops really slowly. That's why I love AND. The pacing is much better. Because I don't try to compare, I really don't know where I would put AND in terms of awesomeness. I realized this after I answered you and I just wanted to clarify so as not to mislead.

Omg tho. Xiu ' s acting has improved sooooo much! I just finished watching the 19th? episode and he's so good. His expressions are on point and he gets across his feelings pretty well. I'm really proud of him. And I would also watch him in whichever show. I love him, too lol. Wes' s acting is really good as well. And for beginners, I really like Simon ' s and Teddy's acting, too.

Hope I don't confuse you. I just wanted to clarify that my first opinion is really biased towards loving the show and that it might not be as good as KO3 but it's still really good. I didn't want to create huge expectations and then have you be disappointed when you watch it. Oh, some of the abilities and Yi Neng of the Bad Girls are so cute! Lol. Ok I'm done.

Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. And I hope you do enjoy the show. Good luck at work and it is nice to meet you.

Have a nice day,


Daniel Ahmad said...


Don't worry about it, I'm too busy at the moment so I'll take much longer than you to reply haha.

Yup, big fan of Spexial, mainly Wes. To be honest I'm a fan of pretty much all bands and singers featured in the KO series from Fahrenheit to Nylon Chen to Dong Cheng Wei. Even Champion have a few good songs I like!

You should really finish KO3anGuo, yes it drags out a bit and everyone sort of disappears for a while but the ending is very good and overall the show is amazing. I'm not expecting it to be as good as Ko3anGuo haha, but I do like the fact you say the pacing is a lot better which is one of the complaints I had around X-Dormitory and some of the other shows.

Good to hear Xiu has a bigger part in this. Obviously in KO3anGuo he was a main character and I've been disappointed that he hasn't had much screen time for a long time now so hopefully the amount of time he gets here will be good.

But yeh, certainly look forward to watching this show now thanks to your input. Really appreciate the time you've taken to answer the questions I had and I've put AnD on my list to watch next.

Thanks Claudia! :)

Jongup Moonie said...

I have to say, I'm loving this show so much, it's one of the better KO versions so far, imo. I've been slowly getting into Spexial, I don't know all of the members yet, but am getting there slowly. I look forward to watching more of Angel 'an' Devil. I'm also glad that Xiu has a bigger role this time around, as he's always been a favorite of mine. I'll tell you who I miss a lot - Danson Tang, who was in KO One and X Family. I don't know why they didn't keep him around, he is so adorable.

Claudia said...

Hey Dan!

You totally convinced me and now I am watching the last season of KO3. Which is basically all that I missed. I gotta say, I missed the KO series and it's pretty good. I'm glad it's back.

Yay! You're going to watch AnD. I sincerely think you will really like it. Thanks for taking my input and writing back to me.

You know, it's nice to meet up with people that like the same things I do and to be able to share. No one else around me really likes asian shows or music so it's nice to connect and talk to someone who does. May I know how old you are? I'm 25. And I'm just curious what demographic the KO series is reaching. I first watched it what seems like a long time ago.

Omg. I'm glad a guy, I'm assuming you're a guy, likes Spexial. I love all of them pretty much too. My faves are Wayne and Simon though. I also really like alot of the music of the KO series. My favorites are Fahrenheit, Dong Cheng Wei, Champion and Pets Ceng. But I tend to get the entire soundtrack. And I need to catch up on Champion. It's one of the reasons I love KO. The music. I love that one of the main tenets is music as power and that it's rock music. Rock on! Lol.

Thanks for sharing, Dan! Have a nice day!

Claudia said...

Jongup Moonie,

HI! I just had to say hi because of your name. It's because of B.A.P right? Your bias is Jong Up? Mine's Bang Yong Guk. I'm happy to meet another Baby. If I got this wrong and you have no idea what I'm talking about, please ignore lol. Kpop always gets me fangirling without reason or stop point. Lol.

I also just wanted to say that I'm glad you are enjoying this show so much. I also personally think it's one of the better KO installations. Probably one of my favorites so far. Who is your favorite so far in Spexial? I also really liked Danson Tang and would like to see him again. But that's why I am planning to watch a series of his called Armor Hero. Do you know it? If you want, I can let you know how it goes.

Nice to meet you and I hope you have a wonderful day! Hope I didn't intrude too much lol. See ya!

Daniel Ahmad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jongup Moonie said...

You are correct, Jongup is my bias from B.A.P and I am also a huge kpop fan. :) I completely understand the fangirling, I do it too :3

I would have to say, so far, I'm loving all of the members of Spexial so far. They each have their own uniqueness about them, so it's extremely difficult for me to pick. But as far as adorableness goes, Teddy wins the award for that. Omg. Ever since this drama, I fangirl over him so badly. And the name Teddy is so appropriate, because he just reminds you of this cute teddy bear you just want to hug the stuffing out of. ^0^

I have seen the Armor Hero series as well as the movie, and I believe Danson only shows up in the movie, and not the actual series. There is also a series 2 (called Armor Hero XT), and I tried to find a subbed version of it everywhere. Doremii fansubs were supposed to be taking it on, but then it sort of never happened. There is a really bad english dub of it on youtube, but I have always preferred to watch subbed.

No, you didn't intrude, I love talking about anything and everything. xD

Jongup Moonie said...

And lols, I couldn't resist:

Daniel Ahmad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel Ahmad said...

BTW, did you guys know that Spexial added 3 members this year.

Here is their latest MV's

Jongup Moonie said...

Thanks Daniel :) I haven't seen all of their MVs yet, so I'm gonna check them out tomorrow.

Claudia said...

Haha. Ok Daniel. I think I have kind of run out of things to talk about and ask but if I think of any more, I will email you. I'll let you know what I think of KO3 via email. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.

Sorry Xiao Zero, for taking over your comments page. And thanks for the subs! They are super helpful and awesome.

Claudia said...

Jongup Moonie,

So you are a Baby. Awesome. I love all of them, too. For different reasons, they all make my bias list go crazy. Oh, really? I thought I saw it on their blog but I didn't click on the link to check to see if they had all the eps. That sucks. Looks like I am going to have to find other things to watch then. I'll double check just to make sure though. I'm glad I didn't intrude and I also prefer to watch subbed.

Thanks for answering and nice to meet you. Have a nice day!

Claudia said...

Omg! That pic is adorable Moonie!

And yeah I saw that on Tumblr, Dan. Of the new members Riley and Ian are my favs. I miss Matthew tho. I also have seen Love Killah but I didn't know they came out with a newer one. It's so cute! I like it alot more than Love Killah and they ALL sing in it! I love Sam's singing voice and Teddy's voice is so deep! Gives me goosebumps. Thanks for the links!

Daniel Ahmad said...

Hey Claudia,

Thanks for replying!

The reason I gave my email is because I'm always busy so may not see your comment on here. Email goes straight to my phone so easier to pick up.

And yeh, do let me know what you think of Ko3anGuo! What episode are you on?

And I do like Spexials new songs as well. Why are Evan and Matthew not in the songs? I know they said that they wouldn't but I never quite got the reason why?


Daniel Ahmad said...

so apparently there are only 26 episodes...?

Xiao Zero said...

It seems so. I just read about it from the official Facebook this morning. On the one hand it's a shame to wrap up a good drama, but on the other hand I get to finish another project~

Jongup Moonie said...

I find that confusing, because there are a lot of sites which have stated that there are 40 episodes :/

Xiao Zero said...

I don't know where the number 40 came from in the first place. I think people were just making assumptions? I never heard from any official source how many episodes there were going to be until yesterday.

Anonymous said...

@Daniel, re: Matthew and Evan. Last I knew, Evan was studying in Canada and Matthew is currently in his military service, so he at least won't be back for about a year or so, give or take a couple months.

Daniel Ahmad said...

You've done an amazing job Eliz!

So yeh, good that you can finish this project early :) You deserve a long break!!!!

And thanks anon for the info regarding Matthew and Evan! :)

tin said...

thank you so much for the hard work! you're the best! will download this as soon as i'm done with x-dorm

Daniel Ahmad said...

Speculation time.

Have you guys seen this? If true then my hype levels are going to go through the roof. I'm keeping expectations low for now.

Xiao Zero said...

O_O WOW!! That's big news if it turns out to be true. I'll have to keep it on my radar~

I don't know about this plot though...wouldn't this block out some of the newbies, timeline wise? Any character that was introduced in X-Dorm would be too young to be doing anything before the Great Battle, wouldn't they?

Meri Maria said...

thank you thank you!!! <3
I love K.O. 3an guo and am really biased (specially Xiu and Ah Xiang <3). I also watched K.O. One, where I loved Wuxion, and The X-Family. So I'm happy that I found Angel 'N' Devil adorable, specially Xiao Feng and Charlie <3. Just love them to bits!

Flux said...

@XiaoZero. Though that might not be the case since anyone who is related to the people in the great battle have their not changed. Thus this means xiao feng(i forget her name in x family) and gu zhan (forget his name in x dorm) are not young during that period of time. Thus it might be possible to include the new cast in.

I too watched ko3sanguo. Keep rewatching it to be exact as for me its the best installment in the ko series. I highly recommend any one to watch it.

Flux said...

Have their age*. Sorry missed it out

Daniel Ahmad said...

Well done on another series Eliz.

And thank you once again for all your time and effort.

Apologies I wasn't able to post this earlier. Past week has been hectic for me.

Now go relax!!!!

Jongup Moonie said...


I just read your comment about the possible X-Family 2. I just let out a big squeal. I hope it's true, I want the KO series to continue for a long time to come. :)

Claudia said...

Hey Eliz,

Are you planning to sub KO One 4 Re- task when it comes out later this year?

Xiao Zero said...


Umm...I'm not sure. We'll wait and see how busy I am by then, and whether anyplace else will sub it. If anything, it could end up like Re-Act where I release the subs late.

I've found that I really can't resist subbing the KO series, even when I don't plan to. ^^" But still, I make no promises! We'll see.

zyxy10 said...

Xiao Zero, I wanted to thank you for your hard work even if its a mouth or so late for me to do so... I was very happy that you did the subs for this drama and others as well.. I was able to understand a lot better.

Well there be any other project that you will do? Like Jiro new drama that he produced?

Xiao Zero said...

I'm rather surprised Crossing Hero isn't being subbed already! A few people have asked me about it. I *could* take it on as a side project, but I'm still kind of in haitus so I would be pretty slow. ><

Jongup Moonie said...

I got some good news. There is a new KO One series in the works. It was shared on Angel 'N' Dveil's official facebook page, so I'm pretty sure it's legit (at least I'm praying it is). It's called KO One Retask, and it looks to have Jiro in it, plus some members from SpeXial that were in Angel 'N' Devil, plus more members from SpeXial that we haven't seen yet, are due to be making their drama debut. Eeeee! ^0^ I'm so excited at this, and at seeing more of SpeXial. I've become a big fan of theirs, and omg, just go absolutely nuts at the thought of them. :3 Here is the facbeook page with information:

Anonymous said...

I know that KO One Return is already subbed by Viki, but the show is region lock for my area. is it possible for you to sub it too? or has it been subbed by another group?

Xiao Zero said...

Actually Anon, I do have softsubs for Return if you know how to use those. Otherwise, I'm sure you can still find it somewhere. Looks like this site and this site have a version they hijacked from Viki. Maybe one of those would work?

Jongup Moonie said...

I prefer watching hardsubbed if I can, that way sites like the ones you mentioned can't steal other's subs and use them. The sites you mentioned not only illegally post subs, but they also edit out the original subber's logo, and put their name on it, making out as if they created them. dramacool and my asian tv are the worst. and dramacool is owned by the same people that the sites you mentioned. I never fully understood the ongoing war with fansubbers and streaming sites until I saw such blatant theft by those sites.

Syah Hakim said...

Hey, have any1 heard the news about KO One Retask and X Family 2? I have not heard any news about these shows yet though if I am not wrong X Family 2 is rumoured to be released end of this month. Any1 have any news?

Xiao Zero said...

I don't think they've even started filming either series yet. No idea what's going on with the delays, but I'm sure when they actually get things rolling there will be more news!

Jongup Moonie said...

I heard that it will be released sometime this year (dunno when exactly).

Daniel Ahmad said...


Have you heard that KO One 4 will begin airing in Summer 2016.

Xiao Zero said...

I have! Probably Viki will jump to sub it, so I don’t know if I should take the project...

I haven’t heard anything else about it, except that it looks like these people will be in it (Jin Bao San's still around, ugh), and that Jiro will NOT be in it. Have you heard anything?

Syah Hakim said...

Sup man. Jiro will not be in the new ko series franchise. What do you feel about that? and also how do you think the storyline might be?

Xiao Zero said...

Ha, prepare yourself for a word dump...

I never actually expected Jiro to be in it even when they announced that he was supposed to. KO is notorious for losing its big stars. I lost all faith ever since Danson never showed up in 3an Guo (*cries forever*). I'll miss seeing Jiro being a goof, but I'm completely ok with moving away from Da Dong in favor of the newbies. That's what KO is all about - introducing new faces by making them do ridiculous things for our amusement! Lol.

I've heard speculation that King comes back to class with missing memories. No matter what, it will be a mess trying to explain away all the major characters they’re missing. I wish they’d just set it in a new dimension and given us a fresh story...

Otherwise, the teasers don’t give us any real hints but it looks like they’re setting up the SpeXial newbie (I still don’t know all the members' names…the one in the red coat) as a bad guy. Probably a demon? Maybe trying for the KO1 spot? Chances are it's not even the main conflict of the story - just the flashiest fight scene they have finished at the moment. So who knows, I guess! I'm excited to see how the series turns out.

Syah Hakim said...

True that hahaha. I am not particularly satisfied though if King's memories are erased like what the others had speculated (X-Dorm horror). hahahaha. They sure do have a lot of things to explain though, Sam (was it? ZWJ), is not going to act too, due to army? Forgive me if I am wrong.

Have you seen the new teaser? The one where pets encountered a new actor. I have a feeling that they are going to try and build that relationship.

Probably the red coat guys might end up teaming with the class to fight the final boss. I am also very excited to see how the series turns out. Still waiting for the released date though, do you have any speculation on the release date?

Xiao Zero said...

Yeah. Sam won't be there, and it looks like Matthew (Hua Ling Long) and his crew won't be there either.

I had to go look up that second teaser you mentioned. I didn't realize there was a group of red coats! I was wondering where all the newbies were at. Very cool. Yes, they will definitely all team up in the end.

Sigh. I know Pets is their main actress, but King's love life is already a mess. I wish they'd left her alone. But! The rest of that trailer looks golden. I love it. I'm thinking it'll *probably* come out this summer like they say it will, but you never know.

Syah Hakim said...

Yea. I too wished that they left her love life alone. The trailer looks awesome though. Seeing Gu Zhan and Zhi Ge sparring, I wonder what their power levels might be.

Also, do you know what is happening with the X Family 2? There has been no news ever since they talked about it last year.

Thanks for responding to me HAHAHAHA. I feel like a nuisance.

Xiao Zero said...

I think X-Fam 2 was unofficially dropped. Which really I'm not too upset about because they ruined the Iron Dimension last time. It's time to make some new stories.

I would have loved to see Calvin but again, I never expected him to really show up either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jongup Moonie said...

Yeah, I can kinda agree with that. But it's still on the X-Family wiki page, saying that the broadcast period is 2016? I'm not really sure what's going on there. But you can take a look. It says it's verified and everything:

I am suuuuuper excited at KO One Remember!