Qian Xin Wan Ku manga

Thursday, January 6, 2011
I'm excited to post something different: a manga translation! Haha, actually I've been working on this for almost a year; scanning, editing, translating, and finishing up each page. Finally it's ready to share:

Qian Xin Wan Ku (The Tragedy of Taking a Heart)
By: aChord/Xie He Xian/謝和弦
From his 2010 photobook 地球其實沒有那麽危險 ("The Earth Is Really Not That Dangerous").

Qian Xin Wan Ku
Click here to read Chord's story!

For best viewing, click the picture for full-size and then use the arrow keys to go from page to page. Also, this manga is read from right to left, so don't get confused! ^_^

As usual, translation is by me, XiaoZero; but if you notice anything wrong, please correct me! ^_^'

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