Cape No. 7

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Before anyone starts throwing large, heavy objects at me, I admit I did not do most of the translating for this album. All I claim credit for is the long, painstaking search for all the translations and pinyin from all across the internet to finally unite the lyrics of this amazing movie's OST all into one convenient location. Thank you to all who translated! Individual credit is found with each song.

I'm really excited to know at least the general meaning of the songs. I think knowing what the songs are actually helps add to the meaning of the movie.

Click on the lovely links below for the lyrics!

01. The First Letter: "Tomoko, are you still waiting for me?"

02. Don't Wanna

03. The Second Letter: "The fate of an era is the sins of an era"

04. Ai Ni Ai Dao Si (I Love You To Death)

05. The Third Letter: "Tomoko, it was then that I fell in love with you"

06. Mainu Sun (Where to Go?)

07. The Fourth Letter: "Ah, why does the sea bring tears?"

08. Gei Nu Er (To My Daughter)

09. The Fifth Letter: "Tomoko, I really miss you... Ah! Rainbow!"

10. Wu Le Bu Zuo (All the Joyful Things)

11. The Sixth Letter: "I've put my guilt into this final letter"

12. Guo Jing Zhi Nan (South of the Border)

13. Ye Mei Gui (Wild Rose)

14. The Seventh Letter: "Love Letter"

15. 1945 - Full Performance (Just kidding, this one has no lyrics!)

Corrections are always, always, always welcome. If I translated something wrong or you can think of a better translation, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

Don't forget to leave a name or username so I can properly credit you!

Plus, I couldn't translate or find romanization for Gei Nu Er since it's in Japanese. If you happen to have the lyrics and would be kind enough to share them, send them to my email. (The name/username thing applies here too, of course!)


Anonymous said...

hi, thank u very much for the effort and time to translate all the lyrics for the songs!! i stumbled onto the Cape Number 7 DVD last week when I bought a copy from the video shop in Malaysia (I'm from Singapore) the movie deserves the all the credit and good reviews it received and my children and I enjoyed it very much. it is a bit slow moving in the beginning but the finale was very good. I think in essence the movis is about living your life to the fullest and when its time to go, there should not be any regrets. with best wishes and keep up the good work.


Realita said...

hi thanks for share the translate. i really love this movie. the best movie i ever wacthed..
anyone can help me to find all soundtrack that movie?pliss how to download that songs