My Name Is Xie He Xian

Sunday, April 5, 2009
No, that's not my name - it's the name of Chord's first album (though I suppose it's more of a single). Chord (also known as Xie He Xian) is my ALL TIME favorite music artist, and I've been working on translating his album since it finally arrived at my door here in the US after I preordered it. (I've preordered his next album, too!) :D

However, Chord's lyrics are often so cleverly written and include so many references to traditional Taiwanese culture that I often get hopelessly lost. That being said, these translations are by no means entirely correct, but at least they give you an idea of what he means. I'm just too excited to share his lyrics to wait any longer!

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My Name is Xie He Xian - Xie He Xian is my real name
我叫做謝和弦 謝和弦是我的本名
By: aChord/Xie He Xian/謝和弦

01. Xie He Xian
02. Bu Guo Shi Xiang
03. Wan Ming Guan Tou

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My Name Is Xie He Xian lyrics translation by XiaoZero

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