Nylon Chen: Same Species

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Same Species

Wow! After 3 years, Nylon Chen comes back with another album! I only recently heard it, and I'm impressed! Be warned, though. Even though the songs sound awesome, be prepared to feel completely depressed by track 6 or so. Nylon! Why are your songs so sad??

Sad but beautiful. Enjoy~

Same Species
By: Nylon Chen/Chen Nai Rong/陳乃榮

01. Ting Jian (Hear)
02. Zhi Xiang Bao Zhe Ni (Just Want to Hold You)
03. Bu Neng Gao Su Wo (Can't Tell Me)
04. Zhong Yu (Finally)
05. Jue Xing (Wake Up)
06. Lian Jia De Zhu Fu (Cheap Blessing)
07. Shou Hou (Watch Over)
08. Lian Min De Kuai Le (Pitiful Happiness)
09. Tong Zhong Yi Lei (Same Species)
10. Chun (Spring)
11. Yi Ge Ren De Na Ka Xi (One Person's Tavern Song)

Corrections are welcome! So if you happen to have a better translation and are willing to share, please go ahead and leave a comment or email me at mizalburrz @ hotmail.com

Same Species lyrics translation by XiaoZero

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astri ramadhani said...

thanks for the lyrics, by the way do you have the mp3 for this album? I really hope you can share/help me find where i can download those song or nylon's same species album....
thank you before :D