Weibird: Someone Is Waiting

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Someone Is Waiting
William has a new album, of course I have to translate it! There's a good mix of rockin' uptempo songs and beautiful slow songs here, and I'm pretty sure I love every one of them.

Translating William's lyrics was harder this time around, especially "Impressionist" and "Bombardment". So a few lines sound funny, but the general idea is still there. (My Chinese is only intermediate, you know.) But I really took extra care into making sure my translations were as good as I could make them. =)

Someone Is Waiting
By: William (Weibird) Wei/Wei Li An/韋禮安

01. Yue Qiu (Moon)
02. Hong Zha (Bombardment)
03. Lei (Tired)
04. Xin Zui Xin Sui (Enchantment, Heartbreak)
05. Hai Shi Ai Zhe Ni (I Still Love You)
06. Zhe Bu Shi Ai Qing (This Is Not Love)
07. Yin Xiang Pai (Impressionist)
08. One More Try
09. You Ren Zai Deng Wo (Someone Is Waiting)
10. We'll Never Know
11. Hai Shi Hui (Still)

Corrections are welcome! So if you happen to have a better translation and are willing to share, please go ahead and leave a comment or email me at mizalburrz @ hotmail.com

Someone Is Waiting lyrics translation by XiaoZero


zhienn said...

really really thank you for sharing!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Omg!! I can't thank you enough for all your hard work! I've been looking forever for translations! THANK YOU!!!

Chiko said...

(TY for the lovely translations <3 )