Monday, August 8, 2011
There are few albums out there where I can say I love every single song. And though it took longer for some songs than others, this album quickly became one of them. Weibird's voice, clever lyrics, and enchanting melodies make it easy to listen to the whole thing over and over and over as if you're still hearing it for the first time. ^^

Weibird's First Album
By: Weibird (William) Wei/Wei Li An/韋禮安

01. You Mei You (Have You Ever)
02. Liang Jiao Shu Chu De Tao Wang (Bookcase Escape)
03. Gu Shi (Story)
04. Yin Wei Ai (Because of Love)
05. Man Man Deng (Slowly Wait)
06. Fan Yi Lian Xi (Translation Exercise)
07. Li You (Reasons)
08. Yin Tian De Xiang Ri Kui (Cloudy Sunflower Seed)
09. Wan Mei Yi Dian (More Perfect)
10. Hao Tian Qi (Good Weather)

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Weibird lyrics translation by XiaoZero


Anonymous said...

Thanks this is great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!!! I've been looking for weibird's lyrics and translation together! It was so hard to find esp when I don't know chinese at all T_T

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting, I was lucky to find your blog when a friend recommended Weibird Wei :)
Cheers and more power!


Chiko said...

(TY for the lovely translations <3 )

Constance Douglas said...

i really appreciate all your hard work and keep it up. can you start translating songs by khalil fong, ones from his 'back to wonderland' album in particular?

Haricha said...

Thanks for translating his songs! ^^