Magic Power

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Magic PowerWhy did it take me so long to post these lyrics? I don't know. I really don't know. It's simply crazy of me not to share these translations with absolutely everyone. Because as good as Magic Power's melodies are on their own, they completely take on a new life when you add in their meaningful, relateable lyrics. This album has gotten me through ups and downs and I believe everyone can find something in here that speaks to them. Jia you MP!

Don't forget, everyone. MP's releasing a 2nd album soon! Keep a lookout for it! =D

Magic Power
By: Magic Power/魔幻力量

01. Intro
02. Summer
03. Get Out
04. Wo Shi Shei, Wo Shi Shei, Wo Shi Shei (Who Am I, Who Am I, Who Am I)
05. Mang Lu Chao Ren (Busy Superman)
06. Mo Li Pai Dui (Magic Party)
07. Zhuan Shu Mo Li (Exclusive Magic)
08. LongLiuLan
09. Be OK
10. Shi Jian Dao Zhuan (Turn Back Time)
11. Xin Shi Jie (A New World)

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