Bii: Come Back to Bii

Friday, June 21, 2013
Someone Is WaitingI hadn't heard of Bii before, but after listening to "Come Back to Me" from this album I was totally enchanted by his voice. The translations for this album are technically by request, but I would recommend looking into this artist!

As for this album, I love most of the songs. It's very slow and ballady most of the time, which suits Bii's voice splendidly. But I hope that next time we'll get to hear him do a few more exciting upbeat ones, too!

Come Back to Bi
By: Bii/Bi Shu Jin/畢書盡

01. Come Back to Me
02. Feel Good
03. Liu Xing Fei Guo (Falling Star Flies By)
04. Xing Fu Wu Guan (Happiness Has Nothing to Do With It)
05. Fu Sheng Wei Xie (Bliss Unbroken)
06. Wo Hui Zai Ni Shen Bian (I Will Be By Your Side)
07. Qing Qing De (Gently)
08. I Know
09. Annyeong Annyeong (Goodbye Goodbye)
10. Ni Gei Wo De Ai (The Love You Gave Me)
11. Come Back to Me (Korean)
12. Shi Zai Bi Xing (Imperative)

Corrections are welcome! So if you happen to have a better translation and are willing to share, please go ahead and leave a comment or email me at mizalburrz @

Come Back to Bii lyrics translation by XiaoZero


Hoshino Nana said...

Thank you so much!! Finally I can understand, keep your hard work, you are the best.

Anonymous said...

thank uu..

devi theodora said...

I love that song bii come back to me ..
I also love his movies love around ..
the song also seems to be combined with the Korean language ...
hehehee ..
bii is among the best ...

Saira Lo said...

love his song, his voice :)) so so nice and cool :)

Kazue said...

Thank you for your kind upload lyric & Translation!
I follow him from Love around n' Love now...
felt familiar with the original soundtrack form both series caz the same person who sang those songs :)

Nour Waldorf said...

hello Eliz ,I v been enjoying LOVE AROUND this days and suddenly I found myself in love with the "come back to me" then "happiness has nothing to do with" I couldn't believe that is my first time me liking a Chinese artist ? well I liked the ost of PS MAN but that s the first time I look for the artist and his albums cause I m so in Korean culture an k pop and k drama but thanks to GEORGE HU IM STARTING LIKING C AND T MUSIC and drama . let me tell you BII s voice is awesome so thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for sharing your love to C music.fightinggggggggg

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Everytime I click the link for song 10, it looks like it just refreshes the page (-_-);

Xiao Zero said...

Fixed it. Sorry about that~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work. I have been looking for all Bii's songs translated to english and I found your site. Will definitely return for other translations and will follow you on Twitter