MV: Cosmospeople - Let's Go Running Together

Sunday, June 9, 2013
It's certainly been awhile since I subbed an MV. This is Let's Go Running Together (一起去跑步) by Cosmospeople. It is the title song of "Love, Now" and is the perfect song to kick off the summer and inspire us all to go out into the nice weather and have wonderful adventures!

Let's Go Running Together (Air of Peace version)
一起去跑步 (Yi Qi Qu Pao Bu)
by Cosmospeople 宇宙人 (Yu Zhou Ren)

Yi Qi Qu Pao Bu MV translation by XiaoZero


JoseL. said...

I was expecting this!!! you are amazing!!!

Kimmie said...

Thanks so much for all your subbing!
I'm learning chinese right now and I find it very helpful, so thanks and keep up the wonderful work! <3 :)