Dong Cheng Wei: Wake Me Up

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Wake Me UpI was given another lyrics translation request! This one is for Dong Cheng Wei's lastest album "Wake Me Up". I'm actually rather surprised no one has translated Dong Cheng Wei yet, considering how popular Xiu seems to be among KO viewers.

Anyway, this is a darn good album. There are lots of love/breakup songs, but there are also some with deeper messages. Give it a listen!

Wake Me Up
By: Dong Cheng Wei/東城衞

01. Wake Me Up
02. Hei An Shu Guang (Dawn in the Dark)
03. Yi Li Ya Te (Iliad)
04. Di Yi Ci Yong Bao (Our First Embrace)
05. Xiang Fei (I Want to Fly)
06. Chu Kou (Exit)
07. Zui Hou De Guang Jing (The Final Times)
08. High
09. Wu Xian Meng Xiang (Limitless Dreams)
10. Bu Zou (Won't Leave)

Corrections are welcome! So if you happen to have a better translation and are willing to share, please go ahead and leave a comment or email me at mizalburrz @

Wake Me Up lyrics translation by XiaoZero
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About X-Dorm HD video

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
The link to the HD videos I've been using for X-Dormitory softsubs is no longer active. I haven't found any other uploads of X-Dorm at 720p, but there are still 1080p videos and 520p videos available. Which would you guys prefer I use from now on? Or do you know anywhere else I can get some good quality raws?

Here are the links to the two sources...

X-Dormitory 520p:
Password: vtge

X-Dormitory 1080p:
Password: oyoy
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KO One Re-Act hardsub

Sunday, September 21, 2014
I recently found a way to convert some lower-quality episode files to be compatible with my encoding program, which means I should be able to hardsub and stream an SD version of KO One Re-Act that should be about the same quality as the X-Dorm hardsubs.

Here's an example from episode 3 of what the quality would look like:

I'm currently converting video and retiming subs. Once I get them all uploaded, I'll post the links on the new React project page.
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[ENG SUB] X-Dormitory episode 01

Friday, June 27, 2014
Okay...I'm going to attempt this project.

I am working on the next few episodes already, but I make NO PROMISES that I will be able to finish the series.

Check the progress page to watch all episodes as they come out.

X-Dormitory - Episode 01, English subbed
終極X宿舍 (Zhong Ji X Su She)
English subs by Eliz at LyricalZero

HD video is not available for this drama yet, so all episodes will be in standard quality.

Other episodes may take a long time to sub, so stay patient everyone! As far as I know, I'm the only subber you've got. No nagging please! <3 Also, make sure you're all caught up on the KO series with English subs for KO One III (KO One Re-Act)
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X-Dormitory is coming! (Plus...KO One III subs!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Guys! GUYS!!! There's a new KO season coming!!!!

The X-Dormitory will be airing on June 23!!
Find out more about it at For the Love of Drama and on the X-Dorm drama wiki.

Does anyone know if someone plans to sub this??

For the record, I DO NOT want to sub X-Dorm. The Iron Dimension is so full of made up powers and complicated references it would be an absolute pain. But I WOULD help any other person or group who plans to sub it.

Then again...if no one else subs it I probably will try anyway.

And to make sure everyone is caught up on the KO series, I have one other thing...

KO ONE RE-ACT Complete English Subs
^^^Click here to go to the project page!!

I enjoyed KO One III so much that I used a lot of my occasional spare time to sub it--just for myself and my roommate. I didn't know if I would ever complete it, so I never posted any links online. I only just completed subbing the season last month. It looks like KO One III subs are still not freely available yet you go!
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Getting Back to Subbing (June 11, 2014)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
During the summer of 2013, I worked on my first drama-subbing projects "Love, Now" and "Fabulous Boys". Doing those projects was a blast and in both projects I got super generous help and encouraging feedback! But when school started up again, I became super busy and had to put all my subbing on hold.

Now I finally have some free time, and I'm itching to start a project again. But some things have changed during the school year. For one thing...

I seem to have lost my Love, Now raws

Basically what that means is it would really be more trouble than it's worth to continue with that project, since I'd have to find all new raws. =( That shouldn't be a big deal though, because that drama is already available on Viki.

Hotfile has gone down

Hotfile's demise really shouldn't be a problem. Everything looks to still be available on MediaFire, and if anything happens to those links I have all my completed work backed up in multiple places. But does anyone have suggestions for another file hosting site?

So now what?

Like I said, I haven't had time to keep up on new dramas coming out. So I don't have any new projects in mind yet. Also, there's already Viki, which is a lot easier (and more legitimate) for drama watching. Plus they already have just about any drama I'd be interested in subbing. Maybe I'll look into subbing on Viki. Or maybe joining another hardsubbing group?

I also want to get back to translating music videos, but I don't know how to anymore. The program I use"acquire" the MV raws doesn't work on my new computer. I wish they'd just put English translations on the original video with the YouTube captions or something. Heck, I'd do that for them if I could! But in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions on how to get MV raws from let me know.


Now that I have time to do some subbing, I want a project! But I have to do some thinking and some looking around to decide if I want to take a project of my own or to help another subbing group with their projects. What do you guys think? If there's anyone left even looking at this blog, give me suggestions of dramas you want to see subbed, or other subbing groups you guys like that I could help with.

Also suggest interesting dramas from the past year for me to watch, including ones that are already subbed. I want to catch up!

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Friday, August 23, 2013
I looked at my blogger stats today and found this:

Ha, looks like most of my Fabulous Boys traffic is dying down rapidly.

But wow, that sure was a lot of pageviews for awhile. =3 Thank you everyone! Having so many people "depending" on me was a great motivator for me to sub faster at my best quality. (And I cannot stop mentioning how awesome it was to have Viv translating with me!)

I really don't plan to take on any more drama projects. School will definitely be too busy.

But I will finish Love, Now (even's actually fully subbed on Viki ><) just because, goshdarnit, I started the project and I don't want to drop it.

Anyway, it gives me an excuse to see George more often, right?
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