X-Dormitory is coming! (Plus...KO One III subs!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Guys! GUYS!!! There's a new KO season coming!!!!

The X-Dormitory will be airing on June 23!!
Find out more about it at For the Love of Drama and on the X-Dorm drama wiki.

Does anyone know if someone plans to sub this??

For the record, I DO NOT want to sub X-Dorm. The Iron Dimension is so full of made up powers and complicated references it would be an absolute pain. But I WOULD help any other person or group who plans to sub it.

Then again...if no one else subs it I probably will try anyway.

And to make sure everyone is caught up on the KO series, I have one other thing...

KO ONE RE-ACT Complete English Subs
^^^Click here to go to the project page!!

I enjoyed KO One III so much that I used a lot of my occasional spare time to sub it--just for myself and my roommate. I didn't know if I would ever complete it, so I never posted any links online. I only just completed subbing the season last month. It looks like KO One III subs are still not freely available yet so....here you go!


itsmeheiti♥ said...

so you're going to watch it while it airs? I read on a wiki page it says there is going to 90 episodes D: I mean its good to be long but the subbing is going to take a while :/

Xiao Zero said...

90 episodes?? That's crazy. The number I heard was 40 episodes. But if there's 90, we get over 4 months of episodes! ^^

I'm still considering what to do about subbing, since it doesn't look like anyone else will do it. I'm waiting to find good quality video for download, then I'm going to try to look for streaming sites to upload them to so people don't have to mess with downloading.

itsmeheiti♥ said...

Oh is it? I'm pretty sure you're right about 40 eps, the last series lasted to 55 eps so i don't really think it'll be 90 eps haha!

At the moment, theres only SD videos because it's airing on GTV and this channel doesn't have a HD channel for it like the other TTV HD and the rest. It's probably going to be a while till any good version that comes out! However, that's still awesome, I mean I watch it raw, but I'm still hoping your going to sub this series!!