Getting Back to Subbing (June 11, 2014)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
During the summer of 2013, I worked on my first drama-subbing projects "Love, Now" and "Fabulous Boys". Doing those projects was a blast and in both projects I got super generous help and encouraging feedback! But when school started up again, I became super busy and had to put all my subbing on hold.

Now I finally have some free time, and I'm itching to start a project again. But some things have changed during the school year. For one thing...

I seem to have lost my Love, Now raws

Basically what that means is it would really be more trouble than it's worth to continue with that project, since I'd have to find all new raws. =( That shouldn't be a big deal though, because that drama is already available on Viki.

Hotfile has gone down

Hotfile's demise really shouldn't be a problem. Everything looks to still be available on MediaFire, and if anything happens to those links I have all my completed work backed up in multiple places. But does anyone have suggestions for another file hosting site?

So now what?

Like I said, I haven't had time to keep up on new dramas coming out. So I don't have any new projects in mind yet. Also, there's already Viki, which is a lot easier (and more legitimate) for drama watching. Plus they already have just about any drama I'd be interested in subbing. Maybe I'll look into subbing on Viki. Or maybe joining another hardsubbing group?

I also want to get back to translating music videos, but I don't know how to anymore. The program I use"acquire" the MV raws doesn't work on my new computer. I wish they'd just put English translations on the original video with the YouTube captions or something. Heck, I'd do that for them if I could! But in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions on how to get MV raws from let me know.


Now that I have time to do some subbing, I want a project! But I have to do some thinking and some looking around to decide if I want to take a project of my own or to help another subbing group with their projects. What do you guys think? If there's anyone left even looking at this blog, give me suggestions of dramas you want to see subbed, or other subbing groups you guys like that I could help with.

Also suggest interesting dramas from the past year for me to watch, including ones that are already subbed. I want to catch up!


Anonymous said...

Was clearing some of my bookmarks and happen to see a post!

I don't think it'll be worth it to continue subbing TL.

Havent found any good file hosting site after Hotfile. Rapigator is ok.

Subbing on Viki is a good option.

I use jdownloader for my mac, it shows the available quality to download from. There are sites like keepvid.

Haven't got much time to catch up with dramas since I started working. :(

Xiao Zero said...

Thanks for the response!

I'll check out jdownloader. Meanwhile, I'm slowly checking out different dramas. I'm currently trying "Tie the Knot" and "Fall in Love With Me". =)

Yeah. I may put subbing aside for now I guess. If another special project comes up that Viki doesn't sub (like with Fabulous Boys), then we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back subbing I loved your fab boys subs and look forward to more in the future =]

I have a few suggestions that I've been dying to watch

1. Happy noodle (it's up on viki but most episodes are missing lots of subs)

2. Because of you - a little under half of it is subbed and in a good way made me a huge Lego fan =\\

3. say you love me - new mike he nobody is subbing =\

4. Chocolat - on viki it's mostly done just needs about 10 to 20% per episode So if you are looking for a viki project

5. Love for all the moments - newer drama that nobody has subbed at all

6. Lucky touch - nobody subbing this either and since you like jero maybe you like calvin also

7. Rainbow sweetheart - was partway subbed on viki but links are down

8. Runaway sweetheart

9. Shining days - if you can another long project. Peter ho so you pretty much can't go wrong he is great haha

10. Queen of sop 2 (still not sure why its called that when it's not a sequel haha) - a little was subbed on viki but pretty much nothing

11. Tiptoe to kiss love - don't think it's subbed at all

Man I have a lot of shows on my watch list that aren't subbed haha ...

Plus if you want to join a group I know has been looking for people and so is

Abugemilang said...

I suggest: One and Half Summer ( I strongly believe, your blog will get traffic by subbing "2PM" Nickhun Drama ^_^

Clarissa said...

Awww... yea.. I can totally see the point of not continuing subbing Love Now, but thank you so much for the episodes you did. ^^

I was looking at your lyrics list. Thank you for translating Weibird Wei's first two albums! I always loved his song "Still" from In Time With You but I had no idea who sang it... >_< I am totally in love with all his music and its really nice understanding the lyrics. I'm not sure if you've had the chance to listen to his latest album that came out, but if you haven't its totally worth checking out. ^^ It's called "Journey Into the Night."

As for the Summer 2014 dramas, it seems as if Love Myself or You and Fall In Love with You are the two most popular shows and they seem to have pretty large subbing teams on viki. It's kind of sad that Lee Wei's drama, Lovestore at the Corner, has been getting terrible ratings.. I've watched the first few episodes in viki and it doesn't seem bad at all. So far think I like Lovestore better than Aaron's drama despite Nikki Hsieh getting a little on my nerves.. >_<

Xiao Zero said...

I absolutely love Journey Into the Night!! I haven't posted my lyric translations in a long time... Song lyrics are more poetic than dramas. A couple songs like 江郎 (Drained) & 生存之道 (Survival Guide) are too difficult for me. I should look into those again. Maybe I can get as close as possible and see about posting those up!