[ENG SUB] X-Dormitory episode 01

Friday, June 27, 2014
Okay...I'm going to attempt this project.

I am working on the next few episodes already, but I make NO PROMISES that I will be able to finish the series.

Check the progress page to watch all episodes as they come out.

X-Dormitory - Episode 01, English subbed
終極X宿舍 (Zhong Ji X Su She)
English subs by Eliz at LyricalZero

HD video is not available for this drama yet, so all episodes will be in standard quality.

Other episodes may take a long time to sub, so stay patient everyone! As far as I know, I'm the only subber you've got. No nagging please! <3 Also, make sure you're all caught up on the KO series with English subs for KO One III (KO One Re-Act)


baybeh said...

Thank you so much! Would you please consider DD? Pretty please?

Xiao Zero said...

What's DD? Is it a drama?

baybeh said...

DD is direct download. Haha. Cause the internet in my place takes a long time to load. So I usually let it downloads overnight :|

Xiao Zero said...

Oh. ^^" Sure. Go to the Google page, I changed the settings so you should be able to download it now.

(It's kind of a big file...328 MB)

baybeh said...

You are such a life saver :DDDDD


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for subbing this!

Lol.. said...

Not very nice tho

Anonymous said...

pls contunue to subs.. am looking forward to KO one 3 eng subs... thank u u made my day :)