KO One Re-Act hardsub

Sunday, September 21, 2014
I recently found a way to convert some lower-quality episode files to be compatible with my encoding program, which means I should be able to hardsub and stream an SD version of KO One Re-Act that should be about the same quality as the X-Dorm hardsubs.

Here's an example from episode 3 of what the quality would look like:

I'm currently converting video and retiming subs. Once I get them all uploaded, I'll post the links on the new React project page.


Daniel Ahmad said...

Looks good Eliz! But don't stress yourself too much. After all you've already done a soft sub which is more than enough.

bormey seyha said...

Hi! Emm how can I dowload video from this website by phone

Xiao Zero said...

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. You can find the hardsubbed videos through this page (under "Watch Online"). It'll take you to a Google Drive folder and you can stream or download each of the episodes there. :)