HD Softsubs: X-Dormitory

Monday, January 17, 2000

**For help on watching with softsubs, check out this page here.**


Download subs here!
(Want 720p subs? Look below.)

Download raws here!
Password: vtge


IMPORTANT: I have switched to using 540p raws

The 720p videos I was previously timing to are no longer available, so I am now using a 540p version. To watch with the new videos, you will have to rename the video files to match the subtitle file names. You will also have to change the extension of the video from ".mkv1" to ".mkv"

Subtitles have been retimed to match the new raws. If you still prefer subs for the 720p raws, they will continue to be updated here.


How to download the videos:

1. Enter the password: vtge

2. Click on the link of the episode you want.

3. Click on the gray download button above the video.

4. Click on the gray "Typical download" button on the right.

5. Then click on the blue "Download now" button on the left.

6. Wait a few seconds. A prompt should appear asking you to save the file. Unlike KO One III, these video files are ready to watch as-is. No unzipping is necessary.

(*Note:* I don't host these raws and they may be taken down or the password may be changed outside of my control.)


KuroRei said...

Thanks for the HQ softsubs and videos!!

Viet Pham said...

I've been doing this already lol.

itsmeheiti♥ said...

YOU'RE THE BEST!! Thank you for re-timing the subs!!

itsmeheiti♥ said...

oh hey!! i forgot to tell u i dled ep 33 and its missing a bit where xiong ge is invisible and it cuts to where chen wei is scanning the high electrical signal off AK1008 so yh u might have to use another for that one :/

itsmeheiti♥ said...

i found another source its 1080p from the same person who uploaded mkv u can try if u want http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGgea2q 密码 oyoy

Xiao Zero said...

itsmeheiti, you are so incredibly helpful. =3 Thank you for all these links!! I'll look into the ep 33 thing.

deadmeow said...

Thanks for the 1080p link, but it is asking for a password?

Xiao Zero said...

Password is vugj

Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to note that when I changed the links. I'll fix that now.

deadmeow said...

Thank you Xiao. The 720P RMVB files are the best, can't even compare to the SD. I have no problem downloading the 720p.

I tried to download the link that itsmeheiti posted for 1080p, but it asks for a password too. I would like to compare 1080p to 720p if the file sizes are not too giant.

Xiao Zero said...

The password for that one is

Anonymous said...

the link to the raw files doesn't woork anymore, help?

Xiao Zero said...

Oh dear. I'll have to look for other raws then. I'll look into it and get back to you as soon as I can~

Xiao Zero said...

Well, it looks like itsmeheiti's link to the 1080p video is still working, otherwise there is one other source I know of that's 520p.

Does anyone prefer one or the other? Does anyone know of any other video sources?

Kurono Rei said...

Hello, again. I wonder if there is still links for 720p raws? I would like to download it.


Xiao Zero said...

Unfortunately there isn't. The 720p link no longer works and I haven't found another one. =(

Kurono Rei said...

Ok. Thanks for the reply.

David K said...

Hi everyone, I'm trying to download the 1080p files, but looks like everything changed? Can someone who can read Chinese let me know if the files are still available and tell me which folder it's in? much appreciated! and thanks to Xiao Zero for the subs!

Xiao Zero said...

Hey David!
I just checked and it looks like the video files are still there. Although you may need to make an account to download now... I'll take a look at it & see about updating my instructions in the post. Meanwhile if you want to send me a screenshot of what you're confused about, I can try to help you out. :)

Xiao Zero said...

...It occurs to me you can't post pictures on comments. But you could link to one, otherwise my email is mizalburrz @ hotmail.com. ^^