Watching With Softsubs

Friday, January 14, 2000
If a project I'm working with has a large file size or unusual video type, I may leave the translations as soft subs. Some of you may know how softsubs work already, but for those who don't, these are a few key things to know.

(Still need help? For a more detailed, step-by-step version specific to KO One III, click here.)

1. You need BOTH the subtitle file and the raw video file.
I'll provide links to both in the project page and try to make them as obvious as possible.

2. Place all subtitle/video files in the same folder.
If they're in different folders, they won't recognize that they go together.

3. File names for each subtitle & video must match.
For each part, you will have to rename either the subtitle file or the video file so that they have the EXACT SAME name.

*For KO One Re-Act:* To know which files to match to, I have both the official episode number and the video raw number in the subtitle file names. For example, "react 9.1(17)" means that it is episode 9 part 1, and it matches with the raw "episode" 17. (If that's still confusing leave a comment & I'll try to explain better.)

4. Click on the video file to start watching.
If the files are in the same folder and have the same name, the subtitles should automatically appear as you watch. (If not, check your settings, maybe there's an "enable subtitles" box that needs to be checked. If that doesn't work, check out #5 below.)

5. You may need a different media player for subtitles to work.
Apparently not all video players support softsubs. As for me, I downloaded Media Player Classic (free to download) and I watch softsubs with that. If you're on a Mac and can't use MPC, you can try using VLC Media Player.

6. You may need additional codecs for videos to work.
I don't know which file types do or do not require codecs. If the video won't open for you at all, I downloaded the K-Lite mega codec pack and have never had video problems since.

I don't know very much about softsubs. All I know is what I did myself to get it to work on my computer. Feel free to comment with any questions or issues you have, but I may not know how to help you. In that case, a Google search might help you better!

If you have any tips for watching with softsubs, leave those for us in the comments too!


Anonymous said...

Hi, firstly, thank you for subbing React! I've been looking forever for subs and just saw your post on sugoideas. I have a problem viewing the soft subs though. The video is downloaded and it works just fine. I put the vid and subs in the same folder and changed the name and all that already, but the subs don't show up. I'm technologically impaired so I don't know if I did something wrong. Please help...

Xiao Zero said...

What media player are you using? Maybe you need to switch a setting to allow subs to show up, or maybe the player doesn't work with subs.

I watch softsubs with Media Player Classic. It's free to download online.