Love, Now

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Alright, so I've decided to sub a drama. I've been watching this one for awhile and it seems no one has taken it as a hardsubbing project. How can this be?? So now I've taken it upon myself to share it with everyone.

Episodes 1-4 are already done. I'm currently uploading them, so I'll be back with all the links later.

However, there is...


I've heard there will be 60+ episodes in this drama. O_O
I am a one-person subbing team, and I already know that I will not be able to fully keep up with it. Subbing is a hobby and I only have so much spare time. >_< Please be patient with me! If in the meantime you feel like you can't wait, you can check out the project at Online streaming can be buggy, but they do a fine job and they're already up to episode 13!

I'm really excited to sub a drama! ^^

Now check out this page for download links and progress updates~

"Love, Now" Taiwanese drama fansub translation by XiaoZero


qminz said...

hello xiao ling,

i was so shock reading your profile, you've learn chinese for 5+ years but now you already can sub a drama, that's impressed me so much.

i've been learning chinese like forever but never fluent and hardly understand what are my sisters (they goes to chinese school) were talking about all the time.

looking at you makes me think, i should be more serious and be more passionate in learning languages. ^^

anyway... i would like to congratulate and thanks you for subbing fabulous boys.. now you're the only one that subbing it, thanks god i found your blog ^^ now im sharing your blog on twitter.. hope you don't mind.

i know subbing alone must be tiring, so i'll silently+patiently waiting for your subbing.^^

sorry for a long comment^^;;;
have a nice day ya..

- yoyo (from malaysia)

ps: i love show luo too.. and jay chou (i love him for 10 years already) and for girls i love rainie.. ^^

devi theodora said...

I really liked this drama ...
because I'm also very fond of hu yu wei ..
hu yu wei is one of my favorite artists,,
I really like his subject,,,